New Zealand GPs can't find time for CME

According to The Bay of Plenty Times, a recent survey found that New Zealand's GPs are fed up with all the paperwork that's sapping their time and making it hard to get that elusive work-life balance. And, it says,

    The couple say it is difficult to make time for holidays with their four children, with locums hard to find, and to make time for the required continuing medical education...On top of the consulting time, GPs have hours of administration to do, and many serve on committees and health groups.

    "On top of that, they have to study to keep up with changing medical practice advances."

    At Bayfair Doctors, all GPs are encouraged to take a day off, which most use for work to keep their professional registration up to date, says practice manager Sharron Harris.

New Zealand isn't alone in this burnout among GPs. I've read similar complaints from GPs in the U.S., and how the number of new GPs entering practice is much smaller than those who are exiting due to retirement or burnout. There needs to be some way to make time for CME in all the things they have to do; Bayfair's plan is at least a step in the right direction.

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