Steve Bova with his son Mike one of the Millennials Steve talks about in his I

Steve Bova with his son, Mike, one of the Millennials Steve talks about in his IdeaXchange post this week.

New this Week on the IdeaXchange

The MeetingsNet IdeaXchange has been hopping this week. Here are a few of my favorite posts—feel free to click through and add to the discussion!

Steve Bova, CAE

• You have to love a post with "Kids these Days" in the headline, right? , executive director, Financial & Insurance Conference Planners, talks about the myths and misconceptions surrounding Millennials, and the benefits of mentoring today's upcoming crop of meeting professionals, in this post.

David Peckinpaugh

• If you haven't yet heard about the North American Meetings Industry Day, set for April 16, head over to Get Ready to Rally for Meetings by , president, Maritz Travel Company, to learn how you can participate.

Hervé Joseph-Antoine

• In Corporate Social Responsibility at Events: Keep Attendees Connected, by Hervé Joseph-Antoine, global managing director, Pacific World, talks about how to make corporate social responsibility activities really ring with your meeting attendees.

Ann Lichti, CHCP

Ann Lichti, CHCP, director of accreditation and compliance, Physicians’ Education Resource®, LLC, shows us how and why continuing medical education providers should dive into the Big Data trend in Big Data as a Quality Improvement Tool in her usual down-to-earth, practical fashion.

Steve Passin, CHCP

• Last but not least, the good folks over at Steve Passin and Associates show how a common fallacy—that only CME providers who work within a hospital or healthcare system can achieve Accreditation Council for CME Criterion 21—is in fact a fallacy, and offer tips on how any CME provider can participate within an institutional or system framework for quality.

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