A new twist on fresh air in hotels

This press release explains a great idea Springfield, Mo.’s Krystal Aire Inn & Suites is implementing: Odor-eater lightbulbs. According to the release, "The Fresh BulbTM light bulbs, developed by Aurora, Ohio-based Technical Consumer Products and introduced to the hospitality industry earlier this year by St. Charles, Mo.-based Pineapple Hospitality, Inc., are titanium dioxide-coated fluorescent light bulbs that consume one-fourth the wattage of a regular light bulb—cutting lighting costs by as much as 77 percent. The coating reacts with the fluorescent lighting when the bulb is turned on, eliminating room odors within minutes."

My question is, why restrict this to a non-smoking hotel like the Krystal Aire? If anyone needs this, I would think it would be hotels that still allow smoking, don't you? Anyway, kudos to the KA for saving energy and cleaning up its indoor air. Now if hotels would just change the air filters in the rooms regularly so they don't spew all those mold spores and all the assorted other gack, I'd be really happy.

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