New site dedicated to the here and now coming soon

Jeffrey Brown of TradeShowBlues fame has come up with an interesting idea for a new service for the hospitality/planners world called Book4Today. Here's how he describes it on his blog, after a small rant about the American Academy of Family Physicians announcing that it just booked the Phoenix Convention Center for its 2017 convention:

To show our commitment to living in the

here and now, we're launching the Book4Today campaign.

This ongoing program may** include public service-like announcements for radio,

TV, print and eM... music festivals (Blues included) to promote the campaign and

encourage all in attendance (as well as those watching the DVD... to be


) to hurry-up and Book4Today. And then there's the

PR, blogs and podcasts... and everything will have an RSS feed (everything). The

goal for the Book4Today campaign will be to raise $1


in immediate bookings for struggling (or other) venues across the

country. Watch for a major announcement on Tradeshow Blues... (but get all

the advance warnings and indicators right here the Tradeshow



Watch for the launch of the Book4Today.com

website soon... but not quite yet.

Sounds pretty interesting--I'm keeping an eye out for it. But my question for Jeff is, don't you ever sleep?

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