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New Orleans Hyatt hosting reporters, emergency workers

There's a really nice report from The Herald that outlines just how dedicated hotel staff can be. A snip:

    The hotel staff has dwindled to 20 management-level employees who spend their days responding to guests' crises and coming up with remarkable little luxuries, such as a wireless Internet connection in the boarded-up lobby or hot scrambled eggs and grits for breakfast.

    But there are too many crises to leave the employees much time for luxuries, such as the New Orleans zoo director who was caged in the elevator for three hours Saturday when the generator died. Hyatt employees used a crowbar to open the elevator.

    "These guys at the Hyatt are incredible," said just-freed Robert Foreman, of the Audubon Society, which runs the city's zoo and aquarium. "They're doing everything humanly possible to help the people here."

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