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Need a laugh?

Check out this post from Nick at blogborygmi on the absurd acronyms we have for clinical trials--he had me laughing out loud. A snip:

Sure, these large studies can seem boring, and investigators -- like everyone -- need some diversions to spice things up. But some of these scientists were trying too hard:

  • AWESOME -- Angina With Extremely Serious Operative Mortality Evaluation
  • BATMAN -- BiodivYsio® BATiMastat SV stent versus balloon ANgioplasty
  • IMPRESS -- Inhibition of MetalloProtease by BMS-186716 in a Randomized Exercise and Symptoms Study;
  • PROVE IT -- PRavastatin Or atorVastatin Evaluation and Infection Therapy;
  • SHOCK -- SHOuld we emergently revascularize occluded coronaries for Cardiogenic shocK

    Seriously, how can people keep a straight face at cardiology conferences?

    "Oh yeah, Bob, it's easy enrolling candidates for the AWESOME study."

    "Great, John. But we're under a lot of pressure in the PROVE IT trial to, you know, prove it. Hey, over there -- who's that guy?"

    "That's Batman."
  • And there's more. Who knew docs could be so funny?

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