Navy docs train Iraqi nurses, corpsmen, in essential skills

Iraqi nurses and corpsmen are learning how to deal with parasites and diseases caused by drinking impure water, according to this article. U.S. Navy doctors are training them in the necessary skills. From the article:

    The training, which consisted of several hours of classroom time and practical application, is designed to teach the soldiers how to provide emergency-trauma care for patients in a combat zone.

    Perhaps most importantly, the group of a dozen or so Iraqi medics and nurses learned ways to stop severe blood loss - one of the important skills medical personnel must master in a combat zone, according to the American medical professionals here.

    “Probably the most important step while providing emergency-trauma care is to immediately stop the bleeding,” said Navy Cdr. Tara J. Zieber, the medical director for the surgical suite here.

    Blood loss caused by combat wounds, such as gun shot wounds and shrapnel from roadside bombs, is deemed as one of the top killers of Coalition and Iraqi military forces in Iraq.

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