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NAACP's five-year boycott of South Carolina fizzling

The NAACP might have been boycotting the state of South Carolina for five years now, but does anyone even remember that the boycott exists? Apparently not, according to this article in the Sun News.

Now in its fifth year, the boycott hasn't caused a noticeable dent in the

state's $14.6 billion tourism industry, though some groups as recently as two

weeks ago have canceled their meetings along the coast to honor the NAACP's


The industry largely returned to normal after the flag came off the

Statehouse dome July 1, 2000, six months after the boycott started, tourism

leaders say. The sanctions hurt the industry much more before the flag came


I hadn't realized that the NCAA won't even consider the state for its events and bowls because of the boycott. Definitely could have more effect on groups than on individual tourists, I think. I'm also not entirely clear on why the boycott is still in effect if they took the offending flag down years ago. I remember it caused quite a kerfuffle at first, but I guess I, along with a lot of people quoted in the article, didn't realize it was still in existence.

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