NAACP ranks Marriott tops for minorities

According to the 2004 NAACP Economic Reciprocity Initiative, Marriott ranked first among the 13 main chains in its activity in employment, equity ownership and franchise opportunities, advertising and marketing, philanthropy, and vendor relationships with minority populations.

The rest of the list were, from best to worst grade: Wyndham, Intercontinental, Hyatt, Adam's Mark, Choice, Starwood, Hilton, Loews, Omni, Cendant, Carlson, and Best Western.

Why are hotels going after minority markets now? Because they’re smart. Along with the gay and Hispanic communities, the African American travel market is zooming, and lucrative. According to the article, It rose "16% over a recent two-year period, compared to only 1% growth in the general market. Travel industry research shows that African Americans spend more than $35 billion out of a total of $544 billion that is spent each year on leisure and business travel."

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