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My life's in the bag

Sunday was filled with more prep work for the Pharmaceutical Meeting Planners Forum, which we're co-organizing with the Center for Business Intelligence. For me, this meant more work with those bags. One of the items to be stuffed in the bags didn't show up until we were well under way bag-stuffing Saturday, so we were busy throwing in that item, double-checking to make sure everything else was in there, and stacking the bags up by the registration desks. I've gotten a little proprietary about these bags, having spent so many hours over the weekend intimately involved with them, and it's gratifying to see them walking around slung over people's shoulders as they started coming in for pre-registration yesterday afternoon.

I don't have much time here, have to get down for a pre-con team meeting at 6:15 a.m. (sleep, sleep, my kingdom for another hour of sleep!), but so far, things are shaping up pretty well. I love Expo Logic's reg system that we're using—even I could probably work it in a pinch, should the need arise. While we got a lot of people pre-registered yesterday, we're expecting a flood of folks in this a.m. before the opening general session at 8. Wish us luck!

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