My Kind of Hotel

My Kind of Hotel

Adding the final touches before the guests arrive

They say that the bigger the organization, the harder it is for it to shift when a change is needed. You know, that old "big ships turn slowly" thing. Obviously, "they" aren't talking about most of the hotels I know. The latest example happened just this week.

The Pharma Forum 2014, a conference for life sciences meeting managers we have been co-organizing with the Center for Business Intelligence for 10 years now, was held this week at the Orlando World Center Marriott, which I knew was big, but did not know was the biggest Marriott in the world (according to the very nice person who checked me in). But they proved they could move like the wind when an evening reception on Monday night, which was planned as a beautiful poolside event, had to be moved indoors due to some nasty weather heading our way.

They could have stuck us in a ballroom and I'm sure made it quite elegant, but no. With just hours to make it happen, they moved all the food out of the storage areas in the back of the house and set up an amazing event that included a bar in a freezer! It was pretty cool (in the best sense of the word!). Kudos to our host for pulling out all the last-minute stops to provide an experience that was downright magical.

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