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Must-read post on why one guy is thinking about quitting the trade show biz

The post is called "5 Reasons Why I’m Thinking About Quitting The Tradeshow Business," and my guess is that you'll be able to commiserate with Tim on all five:

1. High speed Internet costs

2. Drayage

3. The Pay to Play Mentality (hopefully this isn't a big issue at association shows, but I have seen it so I know it happens there, too)

4. Room Blocks & Attrition

5. Lack of Control Over The Customer Experience

Tim, who organizes the New Media Expo, also offers a solution to each of these five points. Go read his post and let him know what you think. I think it's people like Tim, and you, who can help solve these longstanding issues if you can bear it in the meantime.

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