Much as I love f2f meetings...

and I do love face-to-face meetings, one thing I'm not wild about is the opportunity to pick up germs from around the country, even around the world. I was so careful to wash my hands at every possible occasion while at PCMA this week, but I knew I was doomed as I started to feel a bit woozy while listening to Malcolm Gladwell (whose message was one we all should pay attention to right now: why we should look for humility in our leadership, not just intelligence, technological advancement, and all the other things that can lead to overconfidence. He was awesome, BTW). By the time I got to the airport, the fever was raging, and I've just been totally punky ever since.

To anyone I may have unknowingly infected in Dallas, my sincere apologies. Once I knew the disease was descending, I tried to keep to myself as much as possible. To whoever decided it was a good idea to mix and mingle at PCMA while you were feeling ill -- on behalf of the rest of us, don't do that again. Watch the Twitter stream, read the blog summaries, check out the Web TV and general session webcasts, but keep your participation, and your germs, virtual. To do otherwise is rude, nasty, and dangerous to the very people you're looking to connect with.

Anyway, I'm still planning on catching up here on some of the rest of my PCMA experience as soon as I'm a bit more human again.

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