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MPI WEC: Let the registration begin

MPI WEC: Let the registration begin


Check out the sand sculpture MPI logo in front of the Olympic torch holder by the convention center-- tres cool, isn't it? The sculptors from Sandemons said they thought it'd be finished by early afternoon. Every time I've gone by there have been flocks of tourists who probably have no idea what MPI is gathered around taking pics and videos of it. Registration seemed to be going pretty smoothly so far, but it was fairly sparse, too. It'll probably get crazy later on.

So weird to have a little spare time this afternoon before the opening reception -- that never happens. Should I work? Nah, too nice a day for that! Maybe I'll rent a bike and take a ride around Stanley Park, or go explore some of the interesting neighborhoods we saw yesterday. Have to do something to burn off some of the incredible food I've been scarfing down since I got here (seriously, deep-fried sourdough bread that had been soaked in egg overnight, topped with maple syrup, plus scrambled egg with Dungeness crab for breakfast at The Market restaurant at the Shangri La hotel. And I don't usually even eat breakfast).

Not to dwell on the food around here, but I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the Japadog hot dog stand that I hear draws huge lines of locals at lunch time. Yup, Japanese-style hot dogs, complete with seaweed, that are amazingly delicious, according to our hosts here. I'm not a big sausage person, but if anyone at MPI WEC tries it, let me know if it lives up to its reputation.

(Disclosure: I received a comp registration for MPI WEC 2010)

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