MPI WEC: Getting psyched

I have two firsts coming up next week: My first MPI WEC and my first visit to Vancouver -- I can't decide which I'm more excited about! I've been too busy getting Medical Meetings' July/August issue out the door the past couple of weeks to really think about the upcoming MPI meeting, but I had a chance to sit down with the schedule this morning as I begin to pencil in some appointments.

Along with a pretty good-looking educational lineup, I found some cool things I can't believe. Like puppy-cuddling sessions (I'll be missing my Mango girl pretty seriously -- this will be our longest separation yet -- so you know where I'll be during those times!). I don't know if I'll make the early morning wellness check runs (I'll try, but I'm not a morning person!), but they're going to have a shoe check so I can hike over in my sneaks, which is a major plus in my book. The Vancouver Convention Centre is providing pedometers at the shoe check so we can measure how many steps we take at the show (a recent obsession of mine: wonder if I'll beat my mileage at last year's ASAE Annual Conference). Lots of other green initiatives too, like asking attendees whether or not they want a conference bag.

I also have woefully neglected signing into the MPI WEC 2010 Pathable Community, but hope to get that up and running this morning too so I can see what that's all about. All in all, I'm starting to get pretty psyched about the whole thing.

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