MPI tries YouTube out

What do you think of Meeting Professionals International's attempt to promote it Professional Education Conference North America on YouTube (see below video)?

I applaud them for trying out a new medium, but wish it wasn't just a slick ad. It would have been a lot more effective, I think, if they had just interviewed some people about what their opinions of PEC-NA are, or, better yet, if they had put out a call to members to submit their own videos, have people vote on the top five or whatever, and use that for the promotion. Then again, that might be a fairly big risk: I wonder if anyone would submit a video about the conference? I don't know if people feel that passionate about it (but that's another story, isn't it?).

Anyway, if they could have done something a little rawer, less packaged, it would work better, but good for them for giving it a shot.

Update: Here's the latest

Better, but still awfully slick. Then again, that may just be my bias.

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