Most-read Academic Medicine articles

Recommended reading from Anne Taylor-Vaisey: Here are the most frequently accessed articles from the September 2004-September 2005 editions of Academic Medicine:

1. Teaching Inpatient Communication Skills to Medical Students: An Innovative Strategy

David P. Losh, Larry B. Mauksch, RichardW. Arnold, Theresa M. Maresca, Michael G.Storck, Raye R. Maestas, Erika GoldsteinFeb 2005 80: 118ˆ24.

2. Generation X: Implications for Faculty Recruitment and Development in Academic Health Centers

Janet Bickel, Ann J. BrownMar 2005 80: 205ˆ10.

3. Trends in Medical Education Research

Glenn RegehrOct 2004 79: 939ˆ47.

4. The Influence of Controllable Lifestyle and Sex on the Specialty Choices of Graduating U.S. Medical Students, 1996-2003

E. Ray Dorsey, David Jarjoura, Gregory W. RuteckiSept 2005 80: 791ˆ96.

5. Teaching the Psychosocial Aspects of Care in the Clinical Setting: Practical Recommendations

David E. Kern, William T. Branch, Jeffrey L. Jackson, Donald W. Brady, Mitchell D. Feldman, Wendy Levinson, Mack LipkinJan 2005 80: 8ˆ20.

6. How Can Physicians' Learning Styles Drive Educational Planning?

Elizabeth Armstrong, Ramin Parsa-ParsiJul 2005 80: 680ˆ84.

7. Preparing Health Professions Students for Terrorism, Disaster, and Public Health Emergencies: Core Competencies

David Markenson, Charles DiMaggio, Irwin RedlenerJun 2005 80: 517ˆ26.

8. Quality of Care in Teaching Hospitals: A Literature Review

Joel KupersmithMay 2005 80: 458ˆ66.

9. Selling Off or Selling Out? Medical Schools and Ethical Leadership in Tobacco Stock Divestment

Nathaniel Wander, Ruth E. MaloneNov 2004 79: 1017ˆ26.

10. The Importance of Cognitive Errors in Diagnosis and Strategies to Minimize Them

Pat CroskerryAug 2003 78: 775ˆ80.

The complete list is available by subscription.

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