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More on terrorism and planes

Great, now USA Today is telling us that terrorists could bring down U.S. jets with hidden bombs as small as a cellphone.

    The nearly simultaneous bombings of two Russian airliners in midair on Aug. 24 prompted the U.S. Transportation Security Administration to unveil new security equipment and to order more aggressive searches of passengers. But alarming vulnerabilities remain: There's no reliable way to detect bombs under people's clothing, and the vast majority of carry-on bags are not checked for explosives.

    "We have very low protection against a suicide bomber strapped with explosives," says Rep. John Mica, chairman of the House Aviation subcommittee. "It ushers in a whole new era of danger for the aviation industry."

So, will this further freak out the traveling public, including meeting attendees? Or are we getting used to this sort of thing? Personally, I am further freaked, but it won't stop me from climbing aboard my next flight. Unless and until something else happens--then all bets are off. Still, I did not feel good putting my husband on a plane to Germany last night, even though I know chances are that he'll be fine.

P.S. Then there's this story about the second bomb threat to Olympic Airlines causing another flight from Athens to New York to be diverted.

Both links are via Joan Eisenstodt of the MIMlist listserv.

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