More security measures at the airport

Worried that terrorists might dress up like airline and airport workers to get access to our planes, the Transportation Security Administration is piloting some new antiterrorism measures at airports in Miami; Newark, N.J.; Boise; Minneapolis-St. Paul; Savannah, Ga.; Fort Myers, Fla.; Providence; and Tampa, according to this article from the Associated Press.

Sounds like they’ll be doing everything from videotaping employees to using fingerprint and eye-scan biometrics to make sure the only ones going into employee-only areas are, in fact, employees.

Wasn’t too long ago that eye-scans were something you’d see in a sci-fi flick, but they may just be coming to an airport near you.

My question about this and the other security measures that have been put in place since 9/11 is: Are we any safer for all this?


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