More on portfolios

And another one from Anne:

Here is yet another article on portfolios, from the February 2005 issue of Archives of Disease in Childhood:

Davies H, Khera N, Stroobant J. Portfolios, appraisal, revalidation, and all that: a user's guide for consultants. Arch Dis Child 2005; 90(2):165-170.

Abstract: From April 2005 all doctors in the UK will be expected to be able to demonstrate their fitness to practice as part of the GMC revalidation procedures.(1) The revalidation process is explicitly linked to the consultant appraisal process implemented in 2001.(2) Central to both processes is the development! of a folder (portfolio) of supporting evidence. Many consultants have no experience of developing portfolios and are unclear about how to meaningfully do so and what sort of evidence is suitable for revalidation. Furthermore, they are uncertain about whether there is any evidence to support their use for appraisal or assessment. This paper describes what a portfolio is, summarises the evidence for their use in appraisal and assessment, and provides guidance on the collection of evidence for revalidation purposes. In addition, it explores the distinction between appraisal and revalidation. Some evaluation data on perceived benefits and drawbacks by participants in appraisal in a paediatric setting is also included to inform conclusions and thoughts on planning for the future.


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