More physicians doing CME online

There is a short item in the January 24 issue of AMNews entitled:

This post courtesy of Anne Taylor-Vaisey:

Manhattan Research LLC estimates that 423,000 physicians went online for continuing medical education in 2004. These findings were based on information gathered through a telephone survey of 1,201 practicing physicians.

I went looking for Manhattan Research LLC and discovered that this online CME initiative is called

Taking the Pulse® v4.0:

Physicians and Emerging Information Technologies

Taking the Pulse®, one of Manhattan Research s syndicated physician studies and marketing data sets, primarily focuses on technology adoption and integration in the practice. Specifically, the study objectives are to identify and analyze the behavior, attitudes and demographics of the physician population who are using technology (including the internet) for professional purposes.

You can download the press release or the marketing brochure here and here.

Or you can buy the complete report for a mere $1,499 from this site.

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