More notes from the Pharma Forum

My favorite thing so far at the trade show at the 3rd Annual Pharmaceutical Meeting Planner Forum, which started today at the convention center in Philadelphia, other than the wine and munchies at tonight's reception, is the cyber cafe that Digerati is putting on. It's very elegant, with couches to lounge on if you have to wait for a turn at the kiosks, and there's a really cool big curved e-banner and digital screens as a backdrop (I'll try to remember to bring my camera and take a picture of it tomorrow—it's one of the nicest cyber cafes I've seen to date).

The account manager I spoke with said the cafe is just a little piece of what they do AV-wise—they can totally set up your staff office with all the necessary bells and whistles; provide high-speed Internet independent of the hotel; capture PowerPoint, audio and visual presentations live and make them available for instant distribution; and lots more stuff). Anyway, I obviously was very impressed!

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