More on live versus online

    "Two forces are clearly at work: market forces that are shifting physicians to the online sector, and policy forces that are limiting options for offline CME," says Erika Fishman, Senior Analyst at Manhattan Research. "With the alignment of these two forces, it's an ideal time for proactive pharmaceutical companies to leverage the Internet as a strategic channel for CME -- capitalizing on its timeliness, variety, effectiveness, and potential for innovation."

It basically says that the new ACCME Standards make online CME a better choice for pharmaceutical companies (to support? Or something else? It doesn t say) than live meetings. Interesting perspective, but it seems to me that the Standards apply to all accredited activities, online as well as off, so if a faculty member has a conflict of interest, it shouldn t matter whether they re providing the content in cyberspace or a hotel ballroom.

Or maybe I m missing something? I m going to try to sit in on the free webinar they re doing on the study next Tuesday to find out more.

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