More industry people heard from, safe and sound

A message from Kathryn Howle, via Joan Eisenstodt of the MIMlist (with Joan's permission):

    Anyone who wishes to write personal messages for the following can send them to me at [email protected] As soon as they become "connected," these messages will be directed to each individual. That might be the very first thing we can each do to support our friends.

    Nikki Nicholson was finally able to make her way with Maddie (wonder dog) to Jackson, MS last evening, and is safe. I spoke with her last night. Her Dad is driving from St. Louis to pick her up. Her brother, Wayne (Priest she referenced in CNN clip) will join them.

    Lisa Sina (Arnaud‚s) and her husband, Rick Hart (Fairmont) evacuated to Birmingham, then arrived in Atlanta last evening. Hoping to learn about the condition of their home in Metairie. Their close friend John Steffas (Holiday Inn) and Rick's son, Bob Hart finally got out of the French Quarter and were traveling to Atlanta to join them.

    Sallee Pavlovich evacuated with her mother, grandfather, brother, his wife and two children to Lafayette, LA and they have joined up now with her sister and family. Sallee is returning to Alexandria, VA for awhile, operating out of the IACVB offices in order to help relocate customer groups to other meeting destinations.

    Marie Long evacuated before the storm from Slidell, LA to Hattiesburg, MS, (which was later hit very hard), to cousin's house. We know that she had time to make it, but no one has connected with her yet. All phones/electrical are still down. We are trying to get reports on her neighborhood relating to wind/flood damage.

    Confirmed that Keith Levey was on his way last evening to Houston, then flying to Hartford to join his Dad. Update: He now is in Hartford, safe and sound.

    Nancy Hardenstein (previously with NOCVB) and husband Don (GES) recently moved from Las Vegas back to Pass Christian, MS. They evacuated with their two children and her mother to Panama City where they can remain for now. She is looking for her father, but all other family members had connected.

    We are so relieved to learn that all Freeman and AVW-TELAV New Orleans staff members have reported in.

    Don Hardenstein said all GES employees from the area have reported in as well.

    Relating to more New Orleans industry friends:

    Kitty Radcliffe evacuated to Dallas and is with her mother.

    Donna Glover is in Memphis

    Jeff Anding is OK and fine

    Jill Alexandria is in Baton Rouge

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