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More good stuff from ASAE

More good stuff from ASAE

Scott Briscoe risked life and limb (well, probably a lot of grief anyway) to bring us shoe shots from the show floor, like this painfully uncomfortable-looking-but-stylish look worn by Gina Ballard with PCI (and yes, her feet hurt). After looking at all those pretty shoes, I need to go shoe-shopping!

Anyway, no time to comment on all the posts I'd like to today, but go check them out for yourself! Here are some of my faves since yesterday, both silly and sublime:

60 Tech Tips in 90 Minutes (with a downloadable PDF from the session)

My cohorts and I would like a Methuselah of champagne, if you please... (I had no idea there were so many different sizes of wine bottles!)

The Singing Bartender

Catching a Buzz (though why they call word-of-mouth a "nontraditional" form of marketing I'll never understand. It's been around as long as someone's had something to sell. I may have to write more on this one later—interesting ideas on who your most effective WOM folks might be.)

The Credibility Gap (more from Stan Slap's session. I really wish I hadn't missed that one! This one's about why advertising campaigns aren't the answer for membership retention.)

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