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Mobile apps and meetings

Corbin Ball's latest e-newsletter linked to this article on mobile apps for meetings, which is worth clicking through to just for the list of features an mobile meeting app can have—while perhaps not the most practical, I think my favorite is "treasure hunts and other games to stimulate exhibit hall flow." I haven't been to a meeting yet that uses that feature, but it has to just be a matter of time before it becomes as standard as the passport game. Just be sure that whatever you do, you don't get so caught up in the coolness of it all that you forget to make sure it aligns with your exhibitors' strategic goals.

We did what I humbly would like to say was an awesome free webinar on mobile apps for meetings not long ago. It's still available on demand; Jessica Levin, Midori Connolly, and Elizabeth Summy provide all kinds of practical information on both the strategic and logistical levels. If you don't have time for the whole webinar, our presenters very kindly answered the top 10 questions people had for them.

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