Milwaukee's blogging

The city may not have big ad budgets and monster PR machines, but it does have regular citizens who like to talk about the town. Like Erin Leffelman, who writes a blog about what to do in the great Milwaukee outdoors on her Play in the City blog. This is so smart--a real-live person talking about things she likes to do in the place she lives. My apologies to PR folks everywhere, but this trumps a press release anyday in both the fun-to-read and believability factors. And, according to The Publicity Hound, Milwaukee plans to add another citizen blogger to the campaign, this time talking about the arts and cultural offerings.

It's fun, it's informative, it's free (for the CVB), and, most importantly, it's an uncensored view of one little corner of the world. Hey, I wonder if the Groton Chamber of Commerce would like someone blogging about the hiking trails in town--my dogs and I have cruised pretty much all of them.

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