Meetings as cover for trysts?

What is it with this sex-and-meetings trend this morning? I just ran across this article on Yahoo News about a poll that found some UK workers scheduling fake meetings on Friday afternoons so they could skip off to tryst with a significant other of some sort. From the article:

    A survey of 167 companies revealed a growing trend of so-called "me me meetings," out-of-office meetings used to cover a more personal encounter.

    The poll, by Genesys Conferencing, showed 81 percent of office workers admitted arranging meetings to fit in with personal activities.

    It also showed that over half of their colleagues were suspicious of the motives behind the meetings for which many of their workmates left the office.

While most said they scheduled a "me me meeting" to take off for an early start on the weekend, "the survey also showed Friday afternoons were the best for meeting lovers or to go shopping. Monday mornings were the most popular time for scheduling a meeting to mask looking after the children and Wednesdays were the preferred time for job interviews."

Go figure.

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