Meetings 40 years from now

Tech guru Corbin Ball speculates in this article about what meetings (and life) will be like 40 years from now. Among his predictions:

  • We'll still have meetings, but energy will be so expensive that we'll likely be meeting more on a local level than flying across the country.

  • We also may be using "a remote sensing unit that projects a high-resolution holographic image of you and sends back a “holodeck-like” image of what it senses" for that almost-as-good-as-being-there feeling.

  • Kiss commodity tradeshows goodbye, he says. "Shows that deal with commodities will probably have long ago been disintermediated – the commodities will be promoted and purchased automatically 'online.' However, humans will still need service industries. To the extent that the efficiencies of consolidating service vendors in one spot to relationship-build with potential buyers work, then tradeshows will still be viable."

    Read the whole article—he provides some interesting thoughts on what society might look like by then, too.

  • Also in his TechTalk newsletter:

    Presentation Technology for 21st Century Meetings

    This link to a short RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Survey for Meeting and Tradeshow Planners

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