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This meeting sounds like a PICNIC

This is one meeting I wish I could go to, at least based on this writeup of PICNIC 2010. While the poster is admittedly biased, I loved everything about it. This part may be the key:

"Much of it had to do with concentrating in storytelling as opposed to selling, going back to the “festival” experience instead of just a conference and developing a look and feel that was at the same time playful and that offered serious insights in how we can redesign our World."

Yes, yes, and yes.

And in a totally different way, Event Camp East Coast sounds like it was an equally incredible experience for its participants, despite some disagreements over privacy/transparency issues. I love the thought that went into each aspect of these two very different events to make sure that they got it right for who would be there and what they hoped to accomplish. Nice!

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