Meeting planner tip of the day

My tip of the day yesterday from one of the meeting planners at the Pharmaceutical Meeting Planner Forum: When your feet start aching unbearably, flush 'em. Just stick them in that john and pull the handle. They say that something about the cold water and the pressure really makes a difference. I haven't gotten that desperate yet, but if my dogs are really barking tonight, I just might.

What do you think--hmm, "interesting idea"? Or "that's disgusting!"? Click here to vote.

Update and caveat: I thought this would go without saying, but given the e-mails I'm getting I guess I better say it. Do not try this if you have any blisters or open wounds on your feet as you would be risking an infection. In that case, what I usually do is slather on the antiseptic cream and a bandage strip, and lay flat on my back on the bed with my legs going straight up the wall. This seems to work well for me--what works for you?

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