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Medical Teacher December 2005

Recommended reading from Anne Taylor-Vaisey: Medical Teacher January December 2005; 27 (8). Some articles of possible interest:

Challenges facing PBL tutors: 12 tips for successful group facilitation, Samy A. Azer

How we changed from paper to online education: Teaching Immunization Delivery and Evaluation, Carol J. Lancaster, Mary P. Mauldin, Ben O. Gilbertson, Paul M. Darden, Diane Kittredge

An update on master's degrees in medical education, Richard Cohen, Lucas Murnaghan, John Collins, Dan Pratt

Junior faculty experiences with informal mentoring, Karen Leslie, Lorelei Lingard, Sarah Whyte

Students' conceptions of the medical profession; an interview study M.G.H. Nieuwhof(x{222b}), J.J.D.J.M. Rademakers, M.M. Kuyvenhoven, M.B.M. Soethout, Th.J. ten Cate

E-Learning and all that jazz

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