Medical Meetings' new issue is online

And if I do say so myself, we have some pretty good stuff in this issue. Like Prescription for Peace. A snip:

    Who would have thought that medical education could help bridge the divide between Israelis, Jordanians, and Palestinians? As CISEPO (Canada International Scientific Exchange Program), a Canadian-registered, non-governmental organization, has proved, CME can do more than bring doctors together to improve health outcomes in this war-torn region of the world. It can bring together doctors and help them see each other as people, neighbors, and even friends.

CME providers should find this one interesting as well: Getting to Yes: "The world of commercial support is changing, and CME providers find themselves frustrated and confused by all the new forms, online grant-request processes, and a dearth of people to turn to for help. Here's some pharma execs' advice for how to successfully navigate their new funding systems."

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