Medical education in the U.S. Navy has an interesting article about RDML Carol Turner, who became the National Medical Education and Training commander June 17, and her impressions of med ed training in the U.S. Navy.

    "It was immediately evident the staff is highly trained and committed to the growth and development of Navy Medicine's personnel," Turner said. "We're training our Navy Medicine Sailors and delivering them with the right competencies to the right places at the right time. This directly supports SEA WARRIOR and aligns with the Chief of Naval Operation's Guidance for 2005."

    Turner said education and training in the Navy is becoming increasingly essential to every Sailor and Marine, and she takes her job as only the second National Medical Education and Training commander very seriously.

    "Education and training is elevating our Sailors and Marines to participate in a much more refined service," Turner said. "Our people must be ready, continually learning and prepared to meet the needs of the fleet and fleet Marine force."

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