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While e-education is getting hotter all the time for some types of adult learners, docs still don’t like to get their continuing medical education online, according to the second annual Pri-Med CME Insight Survey. Even with a 25 percent growth in e-CME this year among primary care physicians, "eCME is the preferred learning channel for only one physician in ten." But Pri-Med thinks this will continue to be a growth area. From a press release:

    "By a wide margin, medical meetings remain the preferred source for continuing medical education among physicians," said Anne Goodrich, research director of the Pri-Med Institute. "While eCME today accounts for only 10% of all CME credits earned by primary care physicians, it is clearly an educational channel that is beginning to reach a broader audience," she said.

    The 2004 Pri-Med CME Insight survey of primary care physicians throughout the US found that live educational forums remain the preferred source of CME by a margin of four-to-one, followed by enduring materials, professional journals and eCME respectively. Currently, the least popular learning method is hospital grand rounds.

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