Marketing the ASAE Conference

I'm sorry, but ASAE and the Center is just being brilliant this year in how it's marketing its convention—at least, it is for people like me. Check out the meeting's home page, with its "Top Ten Reasons to Attend ASAE & The Center’s Annual Meeting." It's actually pretty funny. There also is an audio download of what people had to say about last year's meeting, and a cute video highlight of what's to come. The colors and the energy really set the expectations for a fun, lively, engaging experience.

Then there's the BostonBlog, where some folks have been posting about various things related to the meeting in Boston later this month. My favorite thing on the BostonBlog so far is the contest they've been running for several weeks now about all kinds of obscure Boston-related trivia, from historical to the Red Sox. I've been learning a lot about the city through this weekly quiz, and am having a great time with it. The only rub is that if you, like me, missed the first week (or a week in the middle), you kind of fell hopelessly behind. They're fixing that by posting a grand finale quiz next week that will level the playing field by offering 100 points (the leader so far has 58)—kind of like a final Jeopardy, where winner takes all. So if you're going to the conference, go ahead and participate, or at least check out the BostonBlog. As we get closer to the show, the posts there should get pretty interesting.

Now I'm curious to see if the event itself is as much fun as the marketing leading up to it has been...

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