Makes scents to me

I have long been skeptical about the trend toward signature scents in hotels. I know chains have spent big bucks on consultants and studies to determine just what scents will prove appealing to the most folks, but for those with chemical sensitivities, or who just don't like that particular scent, well, it isn't going over all that well.

So I thought it was interesting that Hampton Hotels is scenting its air with something call "Non-Scents." From the Hotels magazine article:

They also conducted a survey, during which they asked what the worst smell would be if they were stuck in a hotel overnight:

    Nearly two-thirds (60 percent) of the survey respondents felt that the odor of remnants of cigarette smoke

    would be the worst one. Coming in second was strong perfume (14 percent) and sports equipment (14 percent), followed by cleaning products (five percent), and air fresheners with a strong smell (four percent).

I have to say the worst I've had was diesel fumes, which somehow invaded the entire floor of a hotel I was staying at this past summer. I just opened the door to the balcony and went back to sleep with the pillow over my head, but some people were threatening to camp out in the lobby if they didn't get moved to another room in the middle of the night. Never did find out what caused that...

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