Make a meeting more like an Apple store?

Guy Kawasaki posts about the 10 things you can learn from the Apple store model and, while he's mainly focusing on retail, meetings would definitely benefit from the same lessons (just substitute "attendee" for "customer" and "learning" for "products").

For example, the first and second points are to "Stop selling stuff" and "enrich lives." You may not be selling stuff, but you are selling ideas, the biggest of which is that your meeting is the best place for that person to be. Instead of focusing on what you're offering, think about how you can enrich their lives. Oh yeah, that makes a huge difference in mindset, doesn't it? Empowering employees? Unleashing your participants' inner genius? It all works. This is a good post to not just read, but really think about how you could translate those 10 points into action. I don't think it would be all that difficult, but it would change most meetings to their core.

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