Magnetic appeal

Magnetic appeal

I picked up this little magnetic pin at a craft show in Cambridge in December, but didn't give it a workout until I was at the Alliance for Continuing Medical Education annual conference last week. It was the hit of the show—I could have sold a few hundred of them if I had them.

It's cute in its own right, but the cool thing is that you can hang your glasses from it (so you don't have to dangle them by leashes, or prop them on your head, or, like me, leave them on the table and have to buy new ones). You also can attach a badge to it and forgo the lanyard thing, or an ID, or whatever else you'd like to hang onto. It's attached by a really strong magnet, so you don't have to worry about losing anything or poking holes in your suit. I absolutely love it, and, judging from the comments I got about it, so would just about everyone else (except those who have a pacemaker, who shouldn't wear one). They come in a bunch of really interesting designs; in fact, I may have to get another one that's even cuter than the one I bought.

The artist even will make custom pins for groups—now there's an idea for a cool giftie for attendees!

To get your own magnetic pin or learn more, go to Lisabess.com.

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