Lost in translation?

David Peckinpaugh's new position as president of Maritz Travel is big news for sure, but how it gets pushed out to the world can be, well, interesting. Take this account on ancient-wall.com which, as my colleague who scoped this version out this morning so aptly noted, "is so crazy, as if the original press release got translated into another language and then translated back into English." A brief snippet:

"Today, Maritz announced it has allocated David Peckinpaugh, former vice boss of business expansion for HelmsBriscoe, to boss of Maritz Travel Company, a tellurian personality in meetings, events and inducement travel. Peckinpaugh will assume his purpose Jun 13 and will be obliged for a leadership, vital prophesy and ubiquitous management of Maritz Travel. Interim boss Jane Herod will continue to offer as Maritz Travel’s arch handling officer, expanding her current care purpose within a business."

Say what??

(Trish Rafferty, I'm dedicating this post to you—enjoy!)

(Update: Please note that this is not Maritz's work; the original press release is perfectly grammatical and sensible. I don't know what happened in between their issuing it and this version being published, but it must have been a doozie.)

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