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Looking for the world's worst PowerPoint slide

You have to love this, the "What Not to Present" contest, being held by Infocus. Here's the skinny from the Infocus site:

"Send us the worst PowerPoint slide you’ve ever seen or created yourself (we won’t name names unless you really want the recognition). Once you submit your slide, we’ll post the worst slides as examples of “what not to do” here in the InFocus Labs.

"To enter, follow @InFocusCorp on Twitter and send us an example of your worst PowerPoint slide via any Twitter photo application (Twitpic, etc.) For example, take a screen shot of the slide and upload it to Twitter. Then tell us in 140 characters or less why this is the worst PowerPoint slide you’ve ever seen or created.

"Over the next three weeks, we’ll compile all the terrible slides and randomly select three winners who will win a variety of prizes including an IN1501 short throw portable projector. We will also provide tips and tricks from PowerPoint experts to help improve the world’s presentations and PowerPoint design skills. Read the rules and regulations below if you want to participate.

"Good luck! We’re cringing with excitement."

(Thanks to @cmeadvocate for the pointer! And you're right, someone in continuing medical education has a great shot at the dubious honor of winning this one.)

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