Looking for studies on case vignettes

I recently got this request from a reader, and was hoping you all could help. If you can, please leave a citation in the comments, or e-mail it to me and I'll pass it along.

    I am trying to locate research that supports the idea that case vignettes are a reliable way to measure level 5 outcomes. I have attended a few seminars where this idea has been perpetuated by some of our more distinguished members of the CME community however they only reference two citations (written by the same author) as evidence. I read the study done by Peabody et. al. that was published in JAMA and in the Annals of Internal Medicine but I believe putting all of our eggs in one basket based on one study is not good science.

    Are you aware of any other studies that support this idea or has this topic come up and been discussed by others?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!

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