London terrorist attack

I cannot stand this. Can. Not. According to the latest on MSNBC, at least 40 are confirmed dead and more than 300 injured in today's rush hour terrorist attack on London's public transportation system.

Being the good little meetings industry journalist that I try to be, I should be wondering what's happening with meetings going on there now, and disruptions to hotel services when people can't get to work because the Tube is shut down, etc. But all I can do is cry. Just the other day I saw a guy in town with a "Mind the Gap" t-shirt on, and it reminded me of how pretty much every American I've met who's been on London's underground cracks up at the very British way of warning people to be careful getting on the train. It's no longer even remotely funny, now that so many families will have gaping holes where once a loved one was, just because they went to work this morning.

The gap I mind most is the one in the hearts of terrorists that enable them to attack innocent people like this. I have no more words, other than those of sorrow for the people of England. We're grieving with you on this horrible day.

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