Live, from McCormick Place, it's a machine tool blog

Check out Lloyd Graff's SwarfBlog, where you'll find lots of thoughts from the exhibitor side about International Manufacturing Technology Show, held last week at the McCormick Place in Chicago. You've probably heard some of it before from your own exhibitors, including unhappiness with the cost of running Internet to a booth, and the sheer square footage that has to be negotiated at any big show held there (as I remember all too well from my oh-my-aching-feet PittCon days).

Lloyd also has a lot to say about show's demographics, length, show daily newspaper, and pretty much everything else about the event. So, still think you don't need to pay attention to bloggers? I'm guessing that I'm an anomoly, and most of his readers are other attendees at the show. And, if they're smart, the show's organizers. If they're really smart, they'll be looking to work with Lloyd on their own blog at next year's event.

How well do you know your Lloyds?

(Thanks to Paul for the pointer!)

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