Live from IAEM: Opening session

We had bagpipers and kilts, the mayor of San Diego and Shamoo, then awards, awards, awards at the opening session of Expo! Expo! show. Congratulations to all who received an award tonight, but that sure is one way to slow things down right at the start. Emcee Sue Hershkowitz did a great job trying to keep it exciting, but it was asking a bit much from the crowd right up front. Or maybe that's just me. The 60-second showcase, where four exhibitors got to give a spiel for a minute, actually was pretty fun, especially the last guy, MapYourShow.com's sales manager Jerry Gildea, who did an aria dressed in castaway clothes about getting lost and found at shows.

My favorite part was the Evolution of Dance guy, Judson Laipply, who I posted about last spring after seeing a YouTube video of his act. He's even better in person, and rumor has it we attendees get a chance to dance with him at the expo tomorrow. Maybe I'll challenge him to a Deadhead tunnel dance (I tried to find a link for the unique style of dancing Grateful Dead fans indulged in, but even YouTube failed me on this one. Trust me, it's worthy of the Evolution of Dance guy).

Heading down to the reception for a bit, but I have a feeling I won't last too long tonight...

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