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A little potty humor goes a long way

Remember these low-flow flush cards I wrote about a year or so ago? The problem, as probably most hoteliers could attest to, was that Clayton, Mo.'s Clayton on the Park hotel guests weren't flushing, um, sufficiently. So they created the above card, and the number of times engineers were called to deal with potty problems plunged (sorry!) by more than three-quarters.

This morning, I received this update from general manager Micarl Hill: "Well it's been 1 year now and we are amazed.....76% less plunging to do! Our guests are happier, our desk agents are taking less calls and our engineering staff is way happier! Also our guests think the card is pretty darn funny adding to our contemporary out-of-the-box style."

One might say, if one were feeling as snarky as I am this morning, that they're feeling flush with success.

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