Lew Miller honored with Precepts of Hippocrates Award

LewmillerA heartfelt congratulations to Lewis A. Miller, principal of WentzMiller & Associates, who was honored with the Precepts of Hippocrates Award in recognition of his international achievements in CME at the 10th Annual Meeting of the Global Alliance for Medical Education last week. People from 14 countries came to see him get his award--just kidding, they came for the conference, too. Which I hear was a good one this year (I didn't get to go, but my editor, Tamar Hosansky, did). From the press release:

    In presenting the award, Mark Evans, president of GAME and director of healthcare education at the American Medical Association (AMA), stated: "It is only fitting and proper on this 10th anniversary of GAME that we honor our founder [ed. note: Whoops, I missed the typo that said "funder" here! Fixed now], Lewis Miller. Through his vision and commitment, the international community has been strengthened, healers educated and patients‘ lives improved." Miller‘s accomplishments in the field include the founding not only of GAME but also of the Alliance for CME for North American CME professionals. He has started medical publishing and education companies in the U.S., Europe, Latin America and Australia and worked closely with professional medical societies and pharmaceutical company sponsors around the world.

    He and his WentzMiller partner, Dennis K. Wentz MD, former head of CME at the AMA, are currently working on development of a worldwide program to improve healthcare through education of generalist doctors.

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