Let's Wordify the Meetings Industry!

First there's this commercial:


Totes McGotes? Then I read this great column, The Joy of Smeshies, by Matthew Gilbert in today's Boston Globe. From sexting to selfies to friendscaping, we just can't help ourselves from creating new words and expressions (step right up and show your age if you remember Sniglets!). And the meetings industry already has a few, like webinar (web+seminar) and those infotaining keynote speakers.

So why not come up with a few more? Since I'm procrastinating getting work done in the fine lead-up-to-Thanksgiving tradition, here are a few I think would be good additions to the meetings industry lexicon (some you may have to sound out to get the full effect):

Schlepherd: The attendee who scurries from booth to booth gathering so many tchotchkes that he needs a ToLogo (logo'd tote bag) to carry them all in.

Cardex: Those speed-dating business card exchanges

DigiCee: The emcee who handles the virtual side of a hybrid meeting

hID: The name badge that's flipped around so you can't read the person's name (hidden+ID—I know, a little obscure)

Baquifer: The water jug and glasses on the table by the door at the back of the session room

OK, that was fun. Do you have any to add?

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