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I just read Tom Peters' post about how the Army continually trains and retrains its personnel, but the rest of us really don't. Oh, we have the annual "name your industry" association annual meeting, which is of course good. But we don't have sustained, credible, real-world training available for the most part, much less required.

Which is why I was intrigued when I got a press release this morning announcing Train2Meet, a collaborative of top meeting-planning-related experts just launched by gMeetings, Inc.

Check out the lineup:

- Joan Eisenstodt of Eisenstodt Associates for Content Delivery and Ethics

- Brad A. Goldberg of Trigold Consulting for Risk Management

- Eli Gorin, CMP of gMeetings, Inc – Founder and Trainer

- Tyra Hilliard, PhD, JD, CMP of Hilliard Associates for Legal/Contracting

- James Hogg of the Rosen School of Hospitality Management for Meetings Technology

- Carol Krugman, CMP, CMM, of Krugman Maller LLC for International Meetings

- Gloria Nelson, CSEP of Gloria Nelson Event Design for Special Events

- Bonnie Wallsh, CMP, CMM of Bonnie Wallsh Associates for Intro to Meetings/Events

- Michele Wierzgac, MS, CMM of Michele & Company for Strategic Meetings Management

I've been to enough industry meetings to have heard and/or met all these folks, and they are IMHO the people in each of their respective areas of expertise I would want training me (if I were a meeting planning pro, that is).

More from the press release: "Individual training programs are tailored to client’s needs and focus on best practices within the specific trainer’s segment. Future programs will also include face-to-face and virtual seminars hosted by Train2Meet featuring a variety of topics which affect the way business is being done in the industry."

What a great idea.

(Note to self: What's with all this posting about press releases? I never do that! Except, I guess, today.)

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