Lessons learned from video games

The Nintendo Wii is beating Sony's seemingly unbeatable PlayStation 3, according to this article in the New York Times.

    Some of the video game industry’s smartest minds thought that couch potatoes wanted richer graphics and more challenging virtual worlds. It turns out that a lot of potatoes simply wanted to get off the couch.

    That may be the best explanation for the growing popularity of the Nintendo Wii, the new video game system that has players jumping, punching and swinging, giving them an aerobic workout right in front of their television sets.

The other key quote:

    “You’re up and you’re moving, and it makes you feel more involved,” said Tracy Ciardiello, 28.

Makes me think that adding a little physicality to a meeting might not be a bad thing. Even in lectures I've attended, my attention perks right back up if they have us stand up and stretch for a minute. Is there something physical your session leaders can tie into their content? Nothing too strenuous, of course, but something to involve the bod as well as the mind?

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